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Bare Web Design and Marketing provides photography services for most applications and collaborate with our trusted network photographers who specialize in certain niches on occasion.

Speciality Photography Services

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Events / Sports Photography

A challenging type of photography. Live action provides no "Do-Overs"

Aerial Drone Photography

Drones allow for vantage points like no other. We work with licensed pilots.

Portrait Photography

Captures the personality and mood of an individual or group of subjects.

Product Photography

Product photography used for e-commerce and marketing purposes.
  • Consultation
  • Budget Friendly
  • Quality and Value

It all starts with a conversation about what YOUR goals are and how the images will be used. After this is well understood a shoot will be planned to capture the necessary material either on location or in our studio.

Professional quality images that put your offering in the best light do not have to break the bank. That being said investing in the best images your budget allows is always the way to go.

Clients can expect to pay between $150- $400 per hour depending on the type of photography needed. During the consultation process we will learn about what special equipment, locations and talent maybe needed to deliver the shots your looking for and quote an approximate cost. Get free estimates from photographers near you.

Providing the best possible quality for a reasonable cost is what we always strive to deliver. Our company is known for routinely punching above our weight in the quality/ value equation. Whether this service is provided in house or by one of our trusted partners customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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